TFS 2010 Cannot Change Account Identity

I have recently moved our TFS 2010 server to new server, when I'm trying to configure Reporting server and enter the server name and populate URLs and then press ok, the tfs tells me that user or group is not recognized.

Why this happen?

This problem happens because the TFS service Account (TfsService) was assigned to be the owner account for TFS and data tier before changing its identity. When you are moving TFS from a server to another server or another domain, you have to migrate users accounts and change thier identity to the new domain (ex. Server1\Hassan has to be changed to Server2\Hassan).

When you change the account identity after setting the ownership, TFS cannot change the service account because it becomes uneditable. So, how can we solve this problem?

Simply, we have to change the accounts identity before setting the TFS ownership. You can change the identity by running this command:

TFSConfig identities /change /fromdomain: OldComputerorDomainName /todomain:NewDomainName

This command will change the identity of all accounts provided that you have moved all the users accounts from the old server to the new server. After running this command, you have to reset the ownership by running this command:

TFSConfig Accounts /ResetOwner /SQLInstance:ServerName /DatabaseName:DatabaseName

Now, everything will work well. Happy TFS Moving.


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